1. What’s a wigawa?

Wisconsin, Georgia, Washington.

Since this is a blog about my travails in genealogy, and genealogy is really about the places as much as the people, there’s three of my places.  Other places of mine include Germany, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, California and Japan.

And those are just my places – I’ve yet to talk about any other member in my family.  Wisconsin, Georgia and Washington are the states that the people in my family are from, so I decided to give those places top billing.

Allegedly I’ve linked to Appalachian Aristocracy, but I’ve not yet confirmed that this link works yet, or is even present.  But if you have the time, you should mosey over there and see how Cheryl was seduced by a rascal named Jabez Whitaker.

A lot of genealogists have been seduced by Jabez.


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